Certify A Garden

Sharing the Gifts of Your Sacred Garden Space

Your contemplative garden can be anywhere… It could be tucked into the corner of your own backyard. Or it could be a container garden on the balcony of a high-rise apartment building. Wherever it is found, your contemplative garden feeds your soul and reaches beyond time and space.

Benefits of Certifying Your Garden

You have created special garden spaces which whisper “Come, rest, be mindful and meditative”. Certifying your garden:

  • Recognizes the contemplative design and planning, day-to-day tasks and ongoing efforts you’ve expended to preserve this important, mindful space.
  • Serves as an example of excellence that can inspire and encourage others in your local area.
  • Includes a commemorative plaque that designates your space as a certified contemplative garden and lets visitors know they’re about to enter a space that has been recognized for international excellence.
  • Certifying your garden helps to support the ICGA and other organizations that are aligned with the vision and mission of “Sowing the Seeds of Mindfulness”.

Cost of Certifying Your Contemplative Garden

$125 includes membership in the ICGA and a beautiful, commemorative plaque.

Criteria for receiving ICGA certification:

An ICGA-certified garden is intentionally designed with these contemplative elements in mind:

  • Trees and plants
  • Water feature(s)
  • A place to rest, including benches or chairs
  • Wind chimes, soothing sounds or silence
  • Use of mindful practices while gardening
  • Use of statues or art that speaks to your soul

How to Certify a Garden

Once you’re ready to certify your garden, we make it easy. Just click on the link below to complete the certification form and submit three photos of your contemplative garden.


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